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Pain Relieving

Velbexx-17 / Pain Relieving

50gm Tube

Code: 464-VEL50

Product Information

Velbexx-17 Topical analgesic and anti-infammatory balm

For the teporary relief from pain and inflammation

Velbexx-17 is a 100% natural topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory balm that provides powerful temporary relief from aches and pains associated with muscle strains, ligaments sprains, bruising, tendonitis, bursitis, stiffness and arthritis High quality 100% natural topical analgesic & anti-inflammatory product on the Australian and International market Product with highest concentration of active natural ingredients in Australia 100% Australian invented, made and owned Product that achieves maximal therapeutic effect with a minimal amount of the balm applied Finest product that is admittedly one of the most expensive but also one of the most effective and extremely safe to use Product that is noticeably and positively distinctive in many ways Product that has a professionally looking, attractive minimalistic, easy-to-use and mobile packaging.

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