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Darco Shoe

Darco Wound Care Shoe / Darco Shoe


Code: 088-WCSS

Product Information


The Wound Care Shoe System is the product of choice when dealing with Wagner Grade 3 or greater ulcerations. The four multi-density insoles can be modified, effectively removing pressure from the plantar aspect of the foot.


Features and Benefits:

Four Multi-density Insoles allow for the ultimate in customization and precisely targeted off-loading. Ultra-soft Plastazote© Lining provides a virtually friction-free contact surface that won&rsquot exacerbate existing wounds. Genuine Leather Upper can be modified or cut away to provide even greater levels of pressure relief. Sold in Pairs to eliminate discrepancies in shoe height and the potential associated knee and hip pain.


Wagner Grade 3 or greater ulcerations Bony prominences Long-term treatment of wounds and ulcerations Maximum post operative off-loading while still allowing for patient ambulation

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