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Core Balance

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The Core Balance is a 40 cm. diameter pvc dome. It is inflatable, elastic , very resistant and it is set in a rigid base. It can be easily inflated by any pump by removing the plug on the edge. It can be used for several kinds of training both in the "medical-rehabilitation" field for post-traumatic rehabilitation, especially concerning knees and ankles and in the "fitness" branch. Thanks to its rounded shape and its variable elasticity (it can be inflated according to individual needs) it allows for working on static and dynamic balance, on strength and muscle toning as well as on spinal stabilization. Postural gymnastic training can be done with it. On the Core Balance it is possible to do exercises of coordination,  stretching, flexibility as well as flexions, little jumps, dashes, didactic and pre-sport exercises. This tool absorbs the foot impact and does not stress the limbs, by reducing the micro-traumas.

Gymnic Core Balance - Balance & Stability by Gymnic

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