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Thumb and Wrist

Otto Bock Manu ComforT / Thumb and Wrist

XSmall-Small Left

Code: 019-4055-XSS-L

Product Information


·         Acute and chronic wrist irritations

·         Functional treatment of posttraumatic (e.g. sprains, sublaxations, luxations) and postoperative irritations of the wrist

·         Carpal tunnel syndrome

·         Functional treatment of tendinopathies

·         Osteoarthritis


·         Provides excellent support to the wrist through a palmar, wide and long, plastic splint and through the design of the brace.


·         An anatomically shaped, long model makes this a very comfortable and stable support

·         Easy to apply thanks to the clean design and the wide straps

·         The middle strap is extra wide for more stability

·         Made from a material that does not absorb moisture and thereby keeps you skin dry


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